What is Screenprinted T shirts?

Screenprinting is a popular method of transferring an image or design onto a t-shirt or other fabric material. Here’s a simple explanation of how the process works: First, the image or design is printed onto a fine mesh screen using a special emulsion. This creates a stencil of the design on the screen.

Next, the screen is placed onto the fabric, and ink is applied to the top of the screen. A squeegee is then used to press the ink through the stencil and onto the fabric below. This process is repeated for each color in the design, with a separate screen used for each color. Once all the colors have been printed, the t-shirt is placed in a dryer to cure the ink and set the design. Screenprinting is a popular and cost-effective way to create custom t-shirts and other clothing items, as well as promotional products like tote bags and hats. It allows for a high level of detail and color vibrancy, and can be used to create designs in a wide range of sizes and styles.

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