Custom T-shirts come in many forms, styles, types, sizes, appearances, and designs, but don’t worry, and we can have it done here at Bailey Custom Shirts, LLC

Custom t shirts are customize at your request using the latest printing equipment and techniques in the printing industry.

ALL Over 3D T shirts

3D T shirts

Embroidered Garments

 All over t shirt prints cover the entire front of the t-shirt to represent a seam-to-seam print with an overall dynamic three-dimensional appearance. 

The print area is approximately 13″ x 13″ that covers the chest area of the front of the t shirt.

Embroidered garments are used a lot by sports organizations and companies that want a more professional appearance. Click here to view the catalog or click the button below to order.  

Graduation Stole

Create a memorable graduation stole displaying your accomplishments, awards, and handwork. 

Embroidery and Screen-print quote request

Request a t shirt quote

Orders that are it least 20 pieces can be printed using our screen print or embroidery method that lowers the price of each t shirt to make it affordable for you.

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